Acquiring commercial talent for fibre telecom companies

The global telecom market is at a crescendo, so your search for specialized fibre telecom talent must be too. This eBook will help you to source and acquire the most knowledgeable experts in a highly competitive

The global telecoms market is at a crescendo. Governments across the world are investing billions in extending their fibre networks to reach more people than ever before.

In an environment where competition is intense for both custom and talent, where should companies turn to get the most knowledgeable experts?

The answer lies in the freelance market.

In this eBook: 
  • We give an overview of B2B, B2C and Wholesale models from Gigaclear, Eurofiber and Cityfibre.
  • We map skills onto capabilities and identify the best telecom profiles.
  • We uncover a new approach to sourcing experts.


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