Technology & Training Committee

This Committee is an important pillar for promoting FTTx, 5G, AI and IoT in the MENA region whereby can provide the council an advantage of presenting an agnostic view of the Fiber technology and the know-how through its technical documentation and certified training.

Committee Chair: Mr. Eusebi Llensa, CEO, Outvise


Market Development & Regulatory

Committee This Committee works on the latest FTTx market data and evolution in the countries of the MENA region. In addition it focuses on the FTTH and 5G market development in each country of the MENA region. It will deliver related reports and market studies to be used and published as lobbying tool within governmental and national institutions to facilitate the national strategy decision making in the concerned countries. This Committee also follows and positively influences relevant policy and regulatory developments in the MENA region, that has an impact on broadband deployment in general and FTTx roll-out in particular. It interacts with international entities on relevant topics of FTTH and Broadband policies.

Committee Chair: Dr. Suleiman Alhedaithy, Managing Director and BoD Member, MEFC


Smart Cities Ops and Apps chaired

The committee’s mission is to accelerate deployment of ultra-high-speed FTTX – highlighting deployment approaches, applications and the benefits for Smart Cities, campuses and other real estate developments in the MENA region.

Committee Chair: Dr. Houssam Almasri, FTTx Project Manager, Khatib & Alami



 Fujairah FZ Fujairah 4442 ,Dubai

     United Arab Emirates

[email protected]


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