Fiber Connect Definitions

The Fiber to the Home Global Alliance Councils (FCGA) have the mission of communicating the usage and growth of Fiber to the Home (FTTH) technology to stakeholders in their respective regions. However, they face challenges due to the proliferation of terms and acronyms in the field of telecommunications, which often lack precise definitions. This becomes a concern when different research organizations use their own definitions, creating confusion and inconsistencies in the research conducted. To address this issue, the FCGA Councils considered issuing FTTH Definition of Terms, this allows us to compare the situation in various countries, and particularly to produce the Global FTTH Ranking, which classifies countries according to the penetration of their households with FTTH/B

Our sister organizations the FTTH Council Europe, Fiber Broadband Association, Fiber Broadband Association LATAM Chapter, Digital Council Africa, Fiber Network Council APAC and Fiber Connect Council MENA have agreed on a common set of definitions.


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