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Follow the link  to visit OUTVISE dedicated telecom fiber page to source the people you need for your projects

Outvise is the largest online talent marketplace for Telecom freelance experts and consultants.

Delivering the best talent pool in the Telecom industry, Outvise connects you with the most creative minds in fibre, IoT, Cybersecurity, OTT, BSS, AI, Cloud, ML and more.

With a growing global network of more than 30.000 professionals, we connect companies with highly skilled freelance experts and consultants, to address their talent gaps, reinforce their teams and support their transformation projects.

Through our platform and proprietary AI algorithms, we select and certify the most relevant candidates for any specific profile, in any country, in 24- 48 hours.

We work for industry leaders, such as O2, Vodafone, Oracle, MTN or Cellnex, and for top consulting firms, such as Oliver Wyman, Altran or EY.

Our model is very simple and agile. And 100% success-based. For any specific request, we put our clients in contact with the right candidates, they negotiate terms and conditions and, only in case they engage with them, we charge a service commission on top of the freelance professional fees. We facilitate all paperwork and all contracts and payments go through us.


As simple as this. The right talent, on-demand. With Outvise you will achieve the quality results you want.


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