Celesta - Intelligently Bonded Ribbon Cable

STL  announced the launching of Celesta - Intelligently Bonded Ribbon Cable latest innovation in the fibre optic cable space.

Exponential connectivity requirement and next-generation technologies have taken the world by storm. Whether in 5G or FTTx, governments and network providers across the world are under constant pressure to provide gigabit, ubiquitous connectivity to enable enterprise-grade connectivity from homes for online education, work, shopping, entertainment; bring connectivity in suburbs at par with that of commercial areas; allow for the seamless convergence of fixed, mobile and broadcast networks; and facilitate the Internet of Things between interconnected objects and devices.

In this new world order, network providers have to also address fundamental connectivity pre-requisites of reliability to ensure high service quality and low losses; resilience to assure zero downtime; future-readiness to meet both demand surges as well as compatibility requirements. Additionally, swift network deployment that make optimum use of space and maximise investments is compelling network organisations to constantly innovate their product lines.

Meeting these criteria of time and space are STL Celesta Ribbon Cables are high density new age and innovative ribbon cables, that offer a technology leap with reduced installation time and optimised project cost. Better and smarter than traditional loose tube cables and flat ribbon cables, STL Celesta Ribbon Cables offer an outstanding solution for demanding, high-growth, high-bandwidth communications applications.




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