Want to Improve Your Subscriber Experience? Start With Managed Wi-Fi by Calix

Americans rely on broadband connectivity like never before. A 2022 Pew Research study underscores this: 59 percent of United States workers work from home if possible—a steep increase from 23 percent before the COVID-19 pandemic.

And growth in connected devices is keeping pace. According to Parks Associates, the typical American household now has an average of 16 connected devices—up from 13 just one year ago.

Look to Managed Wi-Fi To Deliver a Differentiated Subscriber Experience

This tremendous surge in demand presents new opportunities—and challenges—for broadband service providers (BSPs). Not that long ago, BSPs had to focus on two things: deploying a network and providing subscribers fast, reliable connectivity. These are still important, but today it’s table stakes.

Subscribers expect more. They want experiences customized to their specific lifestyles and behaviors, whether that’s working, learning, streaming, gaming, working out—or interacting in the metaverse.

So, what’s the secret to delivering this differentiated experience? It starts with managed Wi-Fi. With managed Wi- Fi, you package up everything subscribers need for an exceptional experience—carrier-class Wi-Fi systems, a mobile app for in-home management, and remote management for superior customer support. Here are three ways you can seamlessly deliver managed Wi-Fi that meets subscriber demands, all while managing complexity and maximizing efficiency.

  1. Make sure your network is ready for the 10G future. The increasing number of bandwidth-intensive connected devices and apps in the home supports the business case for moving to 10G PON speeds. Make sure your network is ready for the challenge. Evaluate your technology and business requirements to determine which PON is right for you. The good news: Calix Intelligent Access EDGE™ and Revenue EDGE™ platforms support every PON from EPON to GPON, XGS-PON, 10G EPON, and NG-PON2 on the same network. And it’s all done with the same systems and software platform so you can deliver flexible and differentiated services to your subscribers.
  2. Take advantage of Wi-Fi 6 (and 6E) for an exceptional subscriber experience. Get ahead of the big box stores by offering a managed Wi-Fi service powered by carrier-class Wi-Fi 6 and/or Wi-Fi 6E systems—like the GigaSpire® BLAST family of systems. Subscribers get lightning-fast performance, whole-home coverage, support for the latest connected devices, value-added services like network security and parental controls, and hassle-free maintenance. And for you? Access to flexible technology, operational simplicity, leading security, and a 10-year lifespan that preserves your investment. It’s a win-win.
  3. Gain 360-degree visibility and automate operations to maximize efficiency. You need real-time, end-to-end visibility of the entire subscriber-facing network so you can identify—and resolve—issues before they impact subscribers. Another major operations goal is to automate as many processes as possible to maximize efficiency. Calix Operations Cloud answers these demands with end-to-end provisioning capabilities; customized, programmable alarms and notifications; and advanced machine learning for proactive and predictive maintenance. The result? Fewer service calls, higher productivity—and greater efficiency. That means higher satisfaction for your subscribers, which drives loyalty and simplifies your broadband operations.



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