R&M 2022 Sustainability Report

R&M Sustainability Report 2022 is out now! As a global player in the ICT industry, R&M shares the responsibility for ethically, socially and ecologically balanced, sustainable development. It is embedded in the culture of our growth-oriented, but also responsible and independent family business. 

Learn more about the steps they are taking to become more sustainable.
R&M believes that every initiative is important, and together we can contribute to a more sustainable future.

A holistic understanding of sustainability is an integral component of the R&M culture. R&M conducts its business on the basis of the ethical values of an independent Swiss family business. Reichle & De-Massari has always striven to maintain the balance between economic growth and ethical, social, and ecological responsibility.

For us, this means striving equally for economic, social, and ecological goals as part of our sustainability concept. We want to ensure that we identify environmental, social and governance opportunities and risks early on at every stage of the value creation process.

Our current sustainability roadmap covers the period up to 2030. In 2022, R&M will have the CO2 footprint of all plants evaluated for the first time. On our path to decarbonization, we are committed to the system defined in the Green House Gas Protocol (GHG). The long-term goal is to achieve CO2 neutrality by 2050.

Michel Riva, CEO

The sustainable approach to network technology has wide-ranging effects on society and living conditions on Earth. High-performance connections are the basis for the modern communication society. Reliable communication infrastructures connect cultures and help people have access to better education and good medical treatment among other things. They also help to use energy more efficiently and protect our climate and natural resources.


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