Fibre Optic Network Subscribers exceed 250,000


CEO of Oman Broadband Company:

- The number of subscribers to the fiber optic network (Fiber) exceeded the quarter million mark, with 250,046 active subscribers.


Muscat - Exclusive

 Engineer Sultan bin Ahmed Al Wahaibi, CEO of Oman Broadband Company, revealed that the number of subscribers to the fiber optic network (Fiber) of the Oman Broadband Company exceeded the quarter-million mark, with 250,046 active subscribers, while the total units covered in the various governorates of the Sultanate until the end of last July reached 697,527 units.


 Fiber in Dhofar Governorate

 Al-Wahaibi added: We had a field visit to the company’s sites in Dhofar Governorate, and looked at the locations of the extension of the fiber optic network and the new sites that are planned to be included in the expansion plan in the governorate, as the total subscribers to the fiber optic service in Dhofar Governorate until the end of July of this year reached 14,585 subscribers. While the total units covered in the same period amounted to 65,615 units, so that the units covered in Dahariz represented 6,503 units, while Al Haffa reached 98 units, and the South Awqad reached 4,335 units. 

Al-Wahaibi confirmed that the company’s work team is continuing efforts to expand in the various governorates of the Sultanate, as we are working to ensure that the expansion plan for the fiber optic network will reach the areas of Awtab and Al-Suwayhra in the state of Sohar during the next near stage, as well as Al-Khashada, Hillat Al-Rawashed, Majaz Al-Sughra, Abu Ad-Dharus, Al-Ghuwaisa, Sur Al-Shayadi, and Al-Qusha’ in the state of Saham. In addition to Al-Amerah and Al-Rumais in the Wilayat of Barka, and a number of states in Jalan Bani Bu Ali, as well as the Al-Rusail region and others.


Partnership model with governorates

The CEO of Oman Broadband Company said that the company seeks, through the work team, to activate the partnership model with the governorates in providing broadband infrastructure, with the aim of providing and improving Internet services, and supporting the economic system where the broadband network spreads to contribute to increasing the local product and covering wider and faster high-speed home Internet networks, in addition to creating jobs for governorate owners in the field of information technology.

Al-Wahaibi expressed that the partnership model with the governorates will contribute to creating investment opportunities for the governorates in line with the national broadband strategy, and benefit from strengthening the education, health and other sectors.


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