Superior Essex's participation in Fibre Connect MENA

Superior Essex Communications and GENTEC Advocate for Sustainable Digital Evolution in Alignment with Saudi's Giga Projects at Fibre Connect MENA


DUBAI, UAE – November 1, 2023 Superior Essex Communications, renowned for its eco-friendly communication cables, collaborates with its Saudi distributor, GENTEC (the General Technical Division of Haji Abdullah Alireza & Co. LTD.) to drive sustainable digital evolution. Together, they will showcase their commitment to a sustainable approach to digital transformation at the forthcoming Fibre Connect Council MENA Conference and Exhibition in Riyadh from November 12-14.

 In the context of Saudi Arabia's transformative Giga projects, the emphasis on sustainable infrastructure is paramount. Paul Weintraub, Head of International Business for Superior Essex Communications, will address the pivotal intersection of technology and sustainability during the event.

 Both companies, committed to facilitating a connected, green future in line with the Giga project visions, will unveil cutting-edge, eco-friendly communications cables. These products, meeting global standards like LEED, WELL, and the Living Building Challenge, underline their dedication to environmental preservation and human well-being.

 "Sustainability is more than a buzzword; it's an essential pillar in our rapidly advancing tech world," remarked Weintraub. "Our participation in Fibre Connect MENA allows us to emphasize fiber optics' role in a green digital future, perfectly aligning with Saudi's Giga project aspirations."

 Kholoud Al-Dorgham, Director General of the Fiber Connect Council MENA, said, "Superior Essex Communications epitomizes the union of technology and eco-responsibility. Their participation with GENTEC enriches our event, mirroring our sustainability theme and the larger vision of the Kingdom's Giga projects."

 During the event, Superior Essex Communications will spotlight the sustainable advantages of digital transformation, emphasizing fiber optics' eco-friendly benefits. The session aims to inspire a green approach in digital projects across the region.

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