Experience Superior Overhead Network Installations with Emtelle's Aerial Application Products

Discover Emtelle's cutting-edge solutions for overhead networks, designed to meet the most demanding performance standards worldwide. Our specifically tailored Aerial solutions showcase the exceptional capabilities of Emtelle's aerial cables and installation systems.

 Emtelle's innovative product range includes our FibreFlow Microduct, our aerial drop cables, pre-connectorised at one or both ends to ensure quick, plug-and-play setup, and our EM-Finity closure range, which can be pole-mounted and integrates with both microduct and cables, ideal for aerial installations. These products are engineered for rapid deployment and long-term performance, ensuring your network infrastructure remains resilient and future-proof.

 Emtelle's aerial cables stand out for their impressive performance. Our ø7mm 4-48f cables can achieve stringing distances of up to 85 meters, ensuring robust and reliable connectivity. These cables have undergone rigorous testing, proving their resilience in extreme weather conditions, including wind speeds up to 61 mph (98 km/h) and ice loads of 5mm. With breaking loads below 2000N, our cables are engineered for durability and reliability.

 Stay in the know with Emtelle's continuously evolving portfolio. Visit our website, www.emtelle.com, or follow us on LinkedIn for the latest updates on our groundbreaking products. Trust Emtelle to deliver superior aerial network solutions that keep you connected, no matter the conditions. With us, you'll always be one step ahead.


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