Smart Cities Ops and Apps Committee June Newsletter

“The Smart City Committee in the Fiberconnect Council MENA has a mission to promote the deployment of ultra-high-speed FTTX. This technology is considered the most sustainable access network and is vital in reducing the carbon footprint. Additionally, it serves as the core of cities' digital transformation. The committee aims to support urban development by providing guidelines, standards, and services that highlight deployment approaches, applications, and benefits for Smart Cities, campuses, and other real estate developments in the MENA region.


This month, the focus will be on the increased achievements in developing smart city platforms, and sustainability, and smart mobility globally. The news will cover the deployment of Cloud-based platforms to manage smart mobility infrastructure in the US, the use of private 5G networks in the UK and Canada’s smart cities projects as well as the sustainability achievements in Europe.


Finally, it's important to emphasize the role of optical fiber in supporting the upcoming deployments of 5G networks in developing smart cities globally. Optical fiber provides the required ultra-wide bandwidth for the massive number of IoT devices embedded in these cities.



Committee Chair



 Fujairah FZ Fujairah 4442 ,Dubai

     United Arab Emirates

[email protected]


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