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Dear Valued members and partners,


Ever since the industry for which the council has been created to promote have evolved, and the Technologies have converged, and the Council believes we are at a great moment of strength to grow and adapt. The Council had done a survey 4 months ago and we had learned some critical parameters like a lot of spending and Market growth in fibre has been adopted by a lot of companies from adjacent industries The FTTH Council MENA have taken on itself a re-booting process and alignment of its core function to fulfil its responsibilities to its members.

Key element of this transformation process would be a re-branding activity. This re-branding though will cover elements such as the Council name and logo is also a foundation to redefine the council and allows it to better service its members. For this purpose, the Council considered to finalize the re-branding in the first half of this year and we believe we should have more technologies and applications under our council umbrella like Cloud, IoT, AI and 5G.

The new name Fiber Connect Council MENA Region has been chosen carefully. We were keen to keep the word FIBER since it is the core of our vision. Connect, we want to have the technologies related to the connectivity in our council.

The logo:

A new logo was created, inspired by our council vision in the MENA region, it symbolizes the importance of fibre in connecting and keeping up with the latest technology development in the region. A huge project is taking place and new smart cities has been coming up in big markets in MENA.

As part of our job towards the MENA region community and since the youth are 70% out of the population in the region, we decided to give the youth a chance to be part of this re-branding, so we decided to let one of the MENA students help us in designing the new logo and we chose Wala Ghazal.

Wala is a creative strategist and visual storyteller with a passion for logo design, branding, typography, typesetting, concept development, and print design. She is an exceptionally reliable student, who is pursuing another bachelor’s degree in computer science at Southern New Hampshire University. Walaa is a real effective communicator who can thrive and currently seeking an opportunity in visual identity graphic design helping businesses get their memorable and effective messages across to the public.

In the last year, the council tried its best to serve our members in the best practices we could. Webinars has been made and much news about our members were published and with this rebranding you will all touch the difference in many things.

At the end, we cannot thank our members enough for all the support and the commitment they showed over the years, especially, in the last unusual year.

Stay Safe and thank you!


 Fujairah FZ Fujairah 4442 ,Dubai

     United Arab Emirates

[email protected]


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