Video Interview Series: Mr. Bader Al Zaidi, acting CEO of Oman Broadband

The World as we know it has change! Very few people would have imagined such statement to hold true few months back before the COVID-19 breakout.

This pandemic with all pain and sorrow is infecting also is bringing the best of humanity; how we work together and how we help each other and how we, the people, are always innovative and capable on taking on such new challenges.

We the FTTH Council MENA, with the objective of learning from each other decided to rollout this video series that share our valued members stories and experiences during this one in a life time situation.

Our Board of Directors members accepted graciously to be the first to open up and share their insight how they, their families,  and their organizations are dealing in the current situation.

In this video series as well discuss the important role of the FTTH/B as it is proved it is more reliable and more secure. To know more please check our first videos interview with Mr. Bader Alzeidi, the acting CEO of Oman Broadband Company.


 Fujairah FZ Fujairah 4442 ,Dubai

     United Arab Emirates

[email protected]


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