Unlocking Infinite Possibilities: 13th Edition of Fiber Connect Council MENA Annual Conference and Exhibition Ignite the Future of Fiber Optics and Come to Riyadh


Cairo - June 1, 2023. The Fiber Connect Council MENA unveiled the long-awaited 13th edition of its Annual Conference and Exhibition in the vibrant city of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. From the 12th to the 14th of November, this extraordinary event is set to take place in the prestigious VOCO Hotel Riyadh.

The FCC MENA Annual Conference and Exhibition presents a gateway to boundless connections, the exchange of wisdom, and the art of collaboration. This remarkable gathering shines a spotlight on cutting-edge fiber-optic technologies, showcasing the latest trends and innovations in the business. It will showcase several captivating keynote speeches, thought-provoking panel discussions, immersive workshops, and an expansive exhibition floor.

"We are most delighted to embrace the honour of hosting the 13th edition of the esteemed Fiber Connect Council MENA Annual Conference and Exhibition, in the radiant city of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. With the dynamic expansion and relentless advancement of fiber-optic networks within our region, this momentous occasion stands as an indispensable platform where industry professionals unite, intertwine their ideas, and propel the very essence of our industry towards an inspiring tomorrow. Let us build ahead together for a brighter future!" said Eng. Ahmed Mekky, President of the Fiber Connect Council MENA. "In the realm of modern communication infrastructure, the indispensable backbone lies in the realm of optical fibers. Their unrivalled merits, including cost efficiency, minimal signal loss, and remarkable ability to transmit data over vast distances with lightning speed, have rendered them the favoured choice over copper cables. It is with this in mind that we recognize the paramount significance of optical fibers in shaping the future landscape of advanced technological infrastructure. Our aim is to unite professionals and experts alike, facilitating the seamless transfer of cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, fostering local competencies in the art of fiber cable production, and cultivating expertise in the installation, connection, and maintenance of these invaluable networks. By embarking on this collective journey, we not only empower our industry but also provide new avenues of employment in this promising domain."

An exceptional encounter awaits all participants, as they embark on a captivating journey of enlightenment as leading exhibitors unveil ground-breaking solutions and products, destined to reshape the fiber-optic landscape. This momentous gathering serves as the ultimate platform to build lasting connections with key stakeholders in the world of fiber optics, paving the way for meaningful collaborations. The Exhibition will host a thought-provoking conference program that spans an extensive array of captivating topics, ranging from visionary fiber-optic network deployment strategies, tantalizing emerging technologies, visionary policy frameworks, enticing business opportunities, and a myriad of attractive subjects.

The vibrant city of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, emerged as the chosen destination. Its strategic position, burgeoning telecommunications industry, and unwavering dedication to technological progress propelled it to the forefront. With unwavering conviction, Riyadh was deemed the perfect stage to showcase the evolution of this extraordinary event. The illustrious VOCO Hotel Riyadh boasted state-of-the-art facilities and a renowned reputation for unparalleled hospitality. This shall provide an ideal setting to host this prestigious event.

Unlock the gateway to a transformative experience at the eagerly anticipated 13th Edition of the Fiber Connect Council MENA Annual Conference and Exhibition. To embark on the eagerly anticipated 13th Edition of the Fiber Connect Council MENA Annual Conference and Exhibition participants need to keep a watchful eye as registration draws near. Aspiring attendees, visionary sponsors, and trailblazing exhibitors are encouraged to engage with the esteemed Director General, Kholoud Al-Dorgham, at [email protected] for updates, detailed information, and registration instructions.


About Fiber Connect Council MENA

The Fiber Connect Council MENA is an esteemed industry association dedicated to promoting and advancing the deployment of fiber-optic networks across the Middle East and North Africa region. As the leading platform for industry professionals, this conference and exhibition brings together experts, decision-makers, and stakeholders from various sectors involved in the fiber-optic ecosystem.

For more information about the Fiber Connect Council MENA contact:

Kholoud Al-Dorgham, Director General of Fiber Connect Council MENA, at [email protected]


 Fujairah FZ Fujairah 4442 ,Dubai

     United Arab Emirates

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