The Transformational Journey to a Modular FTTH Connectivity Ecosystem


Service providers are accelerating the deployment of fiber-based network solutions that help them provide highly competitive connected experiences while preparing for a future of expanded capacity.
But the fiber connectivity evolution has also resulted in several challenges for service providers. With fiber going deeper into the network, there is so much variation among enclosures and terminals that
sourcing these critical connectivity devices, training technicians on their use, and deploying fiber quickly have become increasingly complex and difficult. 
Fiber to the home (FTTH) deployments, for example, rely on a seemingly infinite number of configuration permutations that account for variations among network segments and physical locations. Enclosures, terminals, closures, hubs, cabinets, and other connectivity devices must all be tailored for the fiber capacity, technologies, cable gauges, splice counts, connector types, mounting requirements, and environmental protection needs of their unique application.


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