A greener and digitalized world with sustainable networks By Prysmian group


A White Paper from Prysmian Group outlines how fibre can provide the sustainable digital infrastructure underpinning the EU’s digital ecosystem.

According to Prysmian, ultra-high-capacity networks are vital to powering a more green, digital, resilient Europe. This requires high-quality, reliable fibre infrastructure that is energy efficient, uses eco-friendly materials, and cuts emissions throughout the supply chain. COVID-19 and the ‘Next Generation EU’ economic relief instrument represent a unique opportunity to invest in digitalising Europe.

As Europe increasingly focuses on digitalising its economy and cutting carbon emissions, the telecoms and energy industries are becoming more important than ever. The new White Paper examines how fibre improves energy efficiency, reduces energy consumption (in production as well as during usage) and enhances energy efficiency of mobile networks. Fibre’s energy efficiency is also supported by its enhanced stability and reliability. For example, bend resistance means a longer operational lifetime without need for repairs.

The White Paper further examines fibre’s contribution to circularity and reducing environmental and ecological impact. This can be supported by using the Plan-Do-Check-Act model to ensure continuous improvement, as well as using a significant percentage of recycled materials, and reduction of cable sizes. There is also a focus on reducing carbon footprint of transport for fibre solutions and ethical supply chains.

Throughout the White Paper, Prysmian explains which steps it is taking to support the trends and requirements discussed. For example, Prysmian has implemented social, health and safety, and environmental demands for supply chain partners which are rigidly enforced. The company has also developed a Sustainability Policy using benchmarks such as the Dow Jones Sustainability Index and the EcoVadis Supplier Sustainability Ratings as metrics to benchmark our actions. Eco-design Solutions are being deployed in order to create sustainable materials and an overarching monitoring system analyses the carbon footprint of products.



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