Digital & Decarbonation, towards a winning duo?

Climate change is affecting all of us. It is a worldwide challenge that requires an exceptional and urgent mobilization. The environmental objectives set by the Paris Agreement must be met.

We must therefore rethink our economic models and our consumption patterns. We also need to leverage our innovation to improve economic and social progress, while controlling carbon emissions.

Solutions exist with modern technologies, especially with digital technology. Like any industry, even if it is limited, digital technology has a direct responsibility regarding GHG emissions, which must be voluntarily decreased to reach carbon neutrality. However, digital technology, while not pretending to solve everything, can also contribute to reducing the other sectors' 96% of CO2 emissions.

This is what we are committed to doing at Orange. Steering innovation with a positive impact is at the heart of our strategy and our commitments. To do this, Orange innovation is designed in an end-to-end and global approach: network management, products and solutions eco-design, supply chain and circular economy.

In addition, we are leveraging these solutions to support local authorities and businesses to achieve successful energy transitions, for example with collaborative remote tools, smart mobility solutions, connected territories, and process optimization solutions.

Discover how through our latest report, « Digital & Decarbonation, towards a winning duo? »


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