Corning brings communities together through sustainable and transparent ESG practices


Environmental stewardship and corporate responsibility have long been key priorities for Corning. In 1970, Corning invented low-loss optical fiber, ushering in the telecommunications revolution. Today, fifty years later, it continues to advance society’s digital transformation by supporting 5G-ready networks and powerful hyperscale data centers to “future ready” broadband to home and achieve faster and more reliable connectivity.

Across the globe, Corning’s optical fiber and cable inventions are bringing communities together and helping close the digital divide by increasing the speed, capacity, and efficiency of optical networks while making deployment easier and more cost-effective.

As a commitment to increase transparency related to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues Corning introduced its Sustainability Report last year and adopted 12 sustainability goals to accelerate and focus its efforts to address these issues. 


More information on Corning’s Sustainability and ESG-related business practices can be found at


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