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Very high broadband


Communication networks are becoming increasingly essential for individuals and businesses. Facilitating the establishment of innovative and efficient networks is an issue of both competitiveness and regional developmLarge font-sizeent and is an essential means of access to information and public services.

At a global level, the Very High Broadband rollout is one of the major projects currently underway. Its methods, and the maintenance of an effective pace, depend on the major challenges of innovation and economic attractiveness, as well as social and territorial development.

Our expertises

Deploying a very high broadband network is an investment that requires extremely thorough strategic and technical planning in order to achieve optimal profitability and accessibility.

We propose business and technical support all along your project lifecycle.

Our experts are able to advise and manage designs and deployments at all stages of your project, from market research to network operation :

Why Sofrecom ?

Our approach is all-encompassing, based on interaction and co-construction :

Over 50 years of worldwide telecoms projects : Experienced consultants, engineers and project managers, experts in strategy, planning, deployment and commercialization of Very High Broadband
End to end support : We are experts in strategic consulting and engineering. We combine strategy, regulataory, network, IT and operational marketing competences
Multi-domain skills leveraging Orange’s innovations : Being part of the Orange group gives us access to the expertise and best practices of a leading worldwide telecommunications operator.


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