6 Advantages of Pre-Terminated Copper Trunks


Pre-terminated copper trunk cables provide a quick plug-and-play solution for links between switches, servers, patch panels, and zone distribution areas in the data center. With the right upfront planning and coordination, these trunks can offer major benefits over terminating twisted-pair cable in the field.

Copper trunks are typically comprised of bundles of 6, 8, or 12. In recent years, they have become a popular solution in the horizontal distribution area (HDA) to connect switch cabinets to server cabinets, and in the zone distribution area (ZDA) to run from the HDA to zone boxes. When compared to field-terminated cabling, there are many reasons to consider pre-terminated category-rated copper cabling.


  • Increase Speed of Deployment: Field termination is the most time-consuming, labor-intensive part of the cable installation process. Once pre-terminated cabling is delivered, it can be unpacked and connected quickly. In many cases pre-terminated cabling can cut installation time by up to 75 percent over field terminations.
  • Remove the Need for Transmission Performance Testing: With pre-terminated assemblies, transmission testing of assemblies is performed by the manufacturer before shipment, and test reports are included with the assemblies. These reports include test results for attenuation, propagation delay, near end and far end crosstalk, alien crosstalk, and more. Ultimately, only continuity testing is left to perform in the field, reducing the time spent testing on-site.
  • Reduce Downtime with Faster, More Flexible MACs: With pre-terminated solutions, data center managers can make changes quickly based on network growth, business decisions, or shifting requirements. In disaster recovery situations that call for fast, temporary data communications set-up, pre-terminated cabling can minimize business downtime and establish communications quickly. It can also be disassembled quickly when the situation is resolved.
  • Avoid Time-Consuming Work: Pre-terminated cabling removes one of the largest risk line items for a contractor by essentially eliminating termination rework from the project. Pre-terminating cabling also provides more consistent channel transmission characteristics, as the experience level of the field technician no longer becomes a factor. Precision factory-termination processes take place in an environment that is controlled, documented, archived, to prevent end-user issues, unlike termination in uncontrolled field conditions. This increases the likelihood of overall better electrical transmission. Factory terminations are also guaranteed under warranty, which offers data center managers greater peace of mind.
  • Improve Cable Management: Pre-terminated trunk cables contribute to data center modularity and consistency, making cabling more accessible and organized. Pre-terminated solutions are ideal for data centers designed with consistent distances between cabinets and rows. Pre-terminated cabling also eliminates excess loops, so storing excessive slack is not a concern. Additional features from the manufacturer, such as a braided sleeve binding or a pulling eye can ensure a snag-free installation. 
  • Cut Clean-Up Time: Pre-terminated solutions allow for quick clean-up due to minimal leftover materials and scrap. Also, because there is less waste and material to clean up, pre-terminated solutions also help meet green design, waste reduction, and material reuse goals.


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