Power-over-Ethernet: The Sustainable Answer to Bandwidth and Power Demands

We all need bandwidth. We video conference while sending emails and browsing the internet at work. Then, we go home to stream movies while sending pictures on social media. The connected world consumed 79 zettabytes of data in 2021 and is expected to use 180 zettabytes by 2025, according to Statista.com. This bandwidth demand drives an exponential increase in electricity usage.

Even when buildings aren’t fully occupied, they use a lot of energy. When the occupancy of New York office buildings plummeted starting in February 2020, the energy consumption of office sites fell only 14%, according to Michael Tobias of NY Engineers. This decrease didn’t match the decrease in building occupancy. This wasted energy was due to the inefficient use of resources.

“The answer to these bandwidth and power demands is extra-low voltage (ELV) communications networks connected by Power-over-Ethernet cables,” describes Paul Weintraub, head of international business for Superior Essex Communications. “With PoE, you have the power to not only operate your ICT devices but also your entire digital ecosystem.”

PoE systems work through the flow of energy supplied from a power-sourcing endpoint, via category 5e, 6, and 6A cables, and into a powered device. These cables power other building systems like lighting, surveillance and security, climate control, and other operations.

“Using PoE as an electrification solution, one central command center can manage all these systems, establish controls, and optimize operational efficiencies on top of bi-directional data,” explains Weintraub.

Superior Essex Communications is a leader in PoE cabling technologies, including its industry-leading PowerWise® for Extended Distance and best-in-class 10Gain® Category 6 families. These PoE cables are not only designed to enable sustainable intelligent buildings but they are also equipped with sustainability attributes. These cables create the backbone for advanced communications networks of the future.


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